Become A Tax Certified Volunteer

Our VITA and TCE tax sites are 100% staffed by community volunteers. In 2020, 129 selfless people – ranging from a 16 year-old student to an 85 year-old retiree – contributed their valuable time to the Tax Help Montana coalition.

If you are interested in volunteering this tax season, please click on the button below for our fillable Volunteer Interest Form. For more information about volunteering for the Tax Help Montana program, please contact the Tax Help Montana Manager at Rural Dynamics by phone 406.454.5709 or email

Volunteer Roles

IRS-certified tax preparer – Tax Preparers complete tax law training and get successfully certified on Link and Learn. They provide high-quality tax preparation to all taxpayers, prepare only those returns for which they are certified, refer customers outside the VITA scope to a paid practitioner or firm (no particular one), advise taxpayer they are ultimately responsible for the information on the return, ensure Form 8879 is signed prior to transmitting the return, and ensure all returns prepared are quality reviewed.

Greeters – Greet all taxpayers visiting the site to create a pleasant atmosphere, ensure taxpayer has brought all required documents to complete a tax return, develops a log or check sheet to sign in taxpayers, and monitors site traffic to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for all taxpayers being checked in at the site to receive assistance.

Site Coordinator– Site Coordinators get advanced certification and complete Site Coordinator Training. They ensure all volunteers adhere to the Quality Site Requirements and to the Volunteer Standards of Conduct, obtain a signed Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement from all volunteers prior to working at the site, communicate Volunteer Tax Alerts, Quality Site Requirement Alerts, & technical updates to all volunteers. They also submit e-files and work rejection issues.

Screeners – Screen taxpayers to determine the type of assistance they will need. Screeners go through taxpayer documents, determining level of difficulty and whether there is even a filing requirement. If no requirement, the screener determines if it is to the taxpayer’s benefit to file anyway, ie. Earned Income Tax Credit, Refund of withholding, Elderly Homeowner/Renter Credit (2EC).

Saving Specialist– Saving Specialists take a training on the benefits to tax-time savings. Their job is to engage with taxpayers to promote their tax time saving opportunity before and during the event. They also answer saving questions for taxpayer, volunteers, and staff, and help taxpayers complete the necessary forms to save a portion of their refund.

IT/Technical– An IT/Technical volunteer is utilized mainly before the tax season begins. They are responsible for updating all THM computers, as they have been sitting all summer, and diagnosing and fixing problems as they come up throughout the season.

Quality Reviewer– Quality Reviewers certify to the highest level of return the tax site prepares. They conduct a quality review using Form 13614-C as a guide on all returns prepared at the site, explain to the taxpayer that by signing the return, guarantees that the taxpayer has examined the return for accuracy, and provides feedback to the Tax Preparers and Site Coordinators regarding any errors made on tax returns.