Dollars and $ense

RDI provides an in-person financial education course, Dollars and $ense, that covers: Setting Financial Goals, Managing Your Money, Building Credit and Reducing Debt, and Protecting Your Finances. Contact us for more information about financial education opportunities in your community.


RDI provides high quality financial education workshops to organizations and community groups. We present practical information to help people learn how to get and stay on track with their money. Possible workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Budgeting Basics
  • Building Wealth
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Identity Theft
  • Credit Reports and Scores
  • How to Survive a Layoff
  • Managing Credit and Debt Wisely
  • Tax Tips 101

If you are interested in bringing effective financial workshops to your group, a member of our professional education staff will work directly with you to identify the needs of your audience and customize a presentation based on your objectives.

For more information call 1-877-275-2227.