Rural Dynamics Programs and Services

Representative Payee services assist beneficiaries manage their finances and benefits successfully. As the only organizational payee service in the region, Rural Dynamics safely provides monthly budgeting and bill payments for those who do not have a reliable friend or family member to assist with financial obligations.

Pooled Trusts Medicaid and SSI law permit “(d)(4)(C)” or “pooled trusts” for beneficiaries with special needs. Such trusts pool the resources of many beneficiaries, and those resources are managed by a non-profit – Rural Dynamics. Unlike individual disability trusts, which may be created only for those under age 65, pooled trusts may be for beneficiaries of any age and may be created by the beneficiary.

Montana Assistive Technology Loans (MATL) provide people with disabilities and caregivers an opportunity to purchase assistive technology such as general aid devices, home/vehicle modifications, prosthetics/orthotics, and communication devices. Loans from $0-$1,500 are 0% interest and loans over $1,500 are 3.5% fixed. People of all income levels and credit histories may apply for a loan. *Montana Consumer Loan License MT-C-01020.

Tax Help Montana (THM) is a coalition of community partners led by RDI, offering free tax preparation and filing services to families and individuals making under $55,000 annually.   A primary objective of the Tax Help MT VITA program is to lift families out of poverty through increased access to the EITC. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) has been proven to be the largest and most effective anti-poverty program in the nation.  Tax Help Montana implements the federal anti-poverty EITC as a vessel for economic opportunity and income equality .

Financial Education is a key component in our mission to ensure that youth, individuals, and families have the knowledge and tools to reach financial independence.  We provide interactive classes and workshops designed to assist in establishing healthy financial habits.

Montana Economic Opportunity (MEO) VISTA AmeriCorps Program partners with organizations to leverage poverty reduction resources and strengthen community volunteerism throughout Montana. The MEO program currently recruits members and Host Sites with the focus areas of financial literacy, workforce development, affordable housing, food security, veteran services, homelessness, Native American initiatives, and opioid prevention.

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