Our Story and Mission

Our Beginning

Rural Dynamics, Incorporated (RDI) was formed on April 19, 1968 as a non-profit community organization providing financial counseling and education for Montana consumers.

Our Now

Today at RDI, we tell our clients that helping them achieve financial wellness is at the heart of all we do. The mission of Rural Dynamics, Inc. (RDI) is to help individuals and families pursue financial security and economic opportunities.

Our Vision

RDI envisions communities where everyone is empowered to make sound choices about their personal finances and to have access equitable economic opportunities.

How We Operate

We believe that financial security and economic opportunity are cornerstones to improve the quality of life for people we serve.

Rural Dynamics is a statewide organization headquartered in Great Falls, Montana. RDI provides all services and programs statewide in MT and northern Idaho.

In 2019, Rural Dynamics helped 7,566 clients achieve financial security. RDI’s direct service programs – including financial coaching, lending, asset development, financial education, as well as free tax preparation – provide pathways to financial wellness. RDI also utilizes indirect strategies such as coalition building, capacity building for poverty reduction, and advocacy work. 

What We Do

On April 19, 1968, our doors opened as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Montana. Over the years, we’ve broadened our approach and expanded upon our services.

Our team does awesome things.

  • Provides free IRS certified income tax preparation and lifts families out of poverty through increased access to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) –  proven to be the largest and most effective anti-poverty program in the nation. 
  • Administers an Organizational Representative Payee program to assist retirement and disability beneficiaries manage their individual financial obligations. 
  • Gives affordable lending options to Montanans living with a disability to obtain the devices, adaptive equipment, or accessible construction they need for a better quality-of-life. 
  • Represents as an organizational Trustee of the Montana Families Trust, a self-settled irrevocable special needs pooled trust created pursuant to enhance the quality of life for Montana residents with disabilities.
  • Helps individuals form healthy financials habits, learn budgeting skills, manage debt, build credit utilization, and encourage best practices for identity and asset protection. 
  • Places National Service members from all over the country to work in Montana on anti-poverty projects with the focus areas of financial literacy, workforce development, glass recycling, affordable housing, food security, veteran services, homelessness, and Native American initiatives.

RDI works to battle non-profit silos and actively encourages collaboration throughout our community and state. Working together is key; through partnerships with financial organizations, educational institutions, medical providers, policy makers, collection agencies and creditors, non-profits, social service partners, and housing authorities over the past thirty+ years, RDI has served more than 150,000 individuals.

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